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Who are we and what do we stand for?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “it is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.”

This is something we live by each and every day we do business with the best customers in the world here at Slate. Whether it's the elderly couple setting up their first iPad, or implementing an entire I.T. systems upgrade for our corporate clients. We strive to embody the high caliber service and support that each client deserves just as they would give their own friends and clients. We are in business not because you need us, but because our clients demand us!

So to that end I leave you with this, and hope that above all, you do choose to partner with us in resolving any I.T. needs you may have, “there is only one boss..the customer...and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” - Sam Walton

Return Policy & Warranty Service

Slate I.T. Service offers a 30 day warranty on all services provided for computer repair. Installation of hardware is warranted for 90 days. All parts provided by Slate I.T. Services are warranted for 90 days. Parts may be refunded within 30 days if accompanied with receipt and is subject to approval by Slate I.T. Services. Slate I.T. Services is not responsible for issues arising due to customer negligence, ill intent or purposeful harm to Slate I.T. Service. Warranty work is limited to (1) service call within warranty period.  Warranty work may be subject to in shop repairs. All services provided by Slate I.T. Services is non-refundable. Slate I.T. Services is not responsible for any lost or damages to customers equipment left after 30 days. Any and all abandoned equipment may be subject for disposal after the 30 days time has been exceeded. All customer data will be destroyed to protect the privacy of the customers. Slate I.T. Services is not responsible for any monetary loss for data or physical equipment after the 30 day time period has been exceeded.